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Known as posterior capsule opacification, this rare side effect can be treated, restoring vision. He or she will also share with you any costs involved in the surgical operations.

He or she will also share

Anesthetic eye drops are applied before the treatment begins to help minimize patient discomfort. Many will have cataract surgery each year to restore their vision.

Multi-focal intraocular lenses can also be used to fix presbyopia. In such cases, the elimination of astigmatism is most likely a great success, since the toric intraocular lenses will have dealt with the greater part of the astigmatism. Unlike the natural lens, the artificial multifocal lens does not function by relying on the eye muscle to change the shape of the lens. In such a case, the surgeon can use any of the above mentioned lenses to perform the cataract surgery.

At the beginning of a cataract surgery, the surgeon draws the part of the cornea that is supposed to be aligned to the toric intraocular lens. But virtually everyone gets vision good enough after binocular implantation to read newspaper print. Aspheric Intraocular Lenses The natural lens of the eye is not spherical. Some researchers, however, suggest that multi-focal intraocular lenses at close range might cause glare. The cost of intraocular lenses Unlike the mono-focal lenses, other types of intraocular lenses are not covered by medical insurance.

Final Thoughts Finding the right type of intraocular lens is very important if you have cataracts. If you are considering accommodating lenses, ask your eye doctor about payment plans and financing options that can make this decision more affordable. If night-driving is important, multifocal or accommodative lenses may not be the best option.

During this time, it is important to avoid irritating or straining the eyes. But in addition to or even instead of corneal astigmatism, some people may have lenticular astigmatism, caused by irregularity in the shape of the natural lens inside the eye.

Monofocals are set to provide the best possible, corrected vision at near, intermediate or far distances. This shape of the traditional artificial intraocular lenses does not resemble the natural lens found in the eye.

Known as posterior capsule opacification this